Friday, 19 October 2012

OpenPilot - Copter Control 3D is out!

Our friends at OpenPilot have just released their CC3D offering for multicopter flight control. Here is an impressive list of features this module sports, taken directly from the release notes, but first check out one of their video trailers below:

The CC3D is the best performing OpenPilot board to date with some very exciting and important updates:
  • Includes the Invensense MPU-6000 combined gyro and accelerometer sensor
  • Has 16Mb flash on board, an upgrade over the 4Mb on the CopterControl
  • Numerous minor tweaks and improvements over the original CopterControl
  • Takes full advantage of new features in the updated OpenPilot software suite released recently
  • The CC3D includes all the previous features that made the original CopterControl such a well received flight controller such as the innovative flexiport, serial port connectivity to Spektrum satellite receivers via a low cost adapter and powerful STM32 processor.
The CC3D will be the last in the CopterControl series of flight controllers. The OpenPilot team is excited to switch complete focus towards our next generation platform of controllers, the Revolution.
The London RC Project team wishes the guys at OpenPilot best of luck with further development of this incredible platform! :)