Friday, 13 January 2012

Roswell Flight Test Crew releases more footage!

In a  recent post by Lucidity, the team at RFTC promises to release a new series of FPV multi-copter videos called Rough Cuts. We will hopefully learn even more from these, as well as marvel at the locations and piloting skills :)

The post can be found here:

Also: Many thanks for the mention! :D

Friday, 6 January 2012

RCG Podcast #10 is out!

Our friends at have just released a new podcast for us all to enjoy :) Here's the list of topics, as written by Jim T. Graham:
This month's podcast starts out with an interview with the man that electrified our hobby and then morphes into an FPV showcase. There is a lot of "good stuff" this month!
Jim Martin talks about the early days of Hobby Lobby. Learn about the man that electrified the hobby and changed it forever. Also, there is a story at the end of the interview you are going to want to hear...really.
Matt Gunn talks about his latest review of the Fat Shark FPV goggles and the Range Video RVOSD5.
Jason Cole talks about quad copters, goggles and something pretty exciting coming from Hobby Lobby. We also talk about the GoPro camera and more.
Chris Klick from Ritewing RC talks about the Zephyr, the performance workhorse for FPV UAV and AP. Chris also talks about what is coming for 2012.
You can listen to the podcast by downloading it from here.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

This 'Dimitri Donskoi' Typhoon Sub blows you away!

I just found this video showing an absolutely stunning, 1.725 metre submarine model in my sub box on YouTube. Feast your eyes and feel the envy!