Monday, 7 November 2011

News: Real Flight 6 is out!

The folks from Knife Edge Software have come up with a brand new release of their industry-standard simulator - RealFlight 6. Here are their product release notes:
RealFlight 6 is shipping now. If you install the RF6 upgrade or the full version, you will have version 6.00.014. If you install one of the Mega Packs, you will be updated to 6.00.019.Both 6.00.019 and a newer version, 6.00.021, are available as free updates for all RealFlight 6 owners.
We recommend all users update to 6.00.021. To obtain it, simply run the RealFlight 6 Launcher, click Additional Options, then click Registration/Updates. You will need to complete the online registration if you have not done so in the past. (This may be required even if you have registered previously; if so, just make sure to use the same password you used originally.) Then, click Update to Latest Version, or Update to Specific Version if you prefer, and follow the instructions.
Note that these updates are cumulative. As long as you obtain the latest update via the Launcher, you do not need to update to any earlier/in-between versions first.
● Added support for Airplane Mega Pack and Heli Mega Pack
● Physics gadget is disabled during multiplayer games
● Physics gadget menu item is disabled when the gadget itself would be disabled
● Edit NavGuides dialog does not pause the sim
● Quick Edit dialog location is persistent
● Radio Gadget location and size persist correctly
● Multiplayer: Quick Load dialog does not allow clients to change their own airport
● Launcher: Removed download time estimates from online updates
● AH-64 Apache (EP5, HMP): Trims are set to neutral
● Air Camper (EP1, AMP): Fixed warning message on airplane load
● Bergen Gasser (EP1, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● Bergen Intrepid (EP1, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● ElectriFly Riot 3D (EP3, AMP): All aileron control surfaces are named correctly
● FlatOut CAP 580 (EP1, AMP): Properly trimmed for level flight
● FlatOut Reflection (EP1, AMP): Properly trimmed for level flight
● Heli-Max Axe CX Micro (EP6, HMP): Improved flight behavior
● Heli-Max Kinetic 50 (Trainer) (EP3, HMP): Initial azimuth for main blades is 0
● Ion-X (EP1, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● MX400 (EP1, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● Aurora, Aurora 3D (EP2, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● Fury Extreme (EP2, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● Raptor 90 SE (EP2, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● RJX X-Treme 90 (EP6, HMP): Blades break off normally
● Stratus 90 (EP2, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● Thunder Tiger Mini Titan (EP4, HMP): Added glow for night flying
● Ultrafly Radix (EP2, AMP): All aileron control throws match
● Carl Henson Field: Pilot Fence Chainlink objects have correct material type
● Joe’s Garage, Joe’s Garage HD: Vehicles are correctly placed at ground level
● Added experimental grappling hook component
● Hand-launch aircraft can be launched using the reset button when autopilot assist is enabled
● Aircraft Editor: Fixed various copy/paste related errors and crashes
● Multiplayer: Entering/exiting a session while seeking in rewind mode does not leave things in an in-between state
● Multiplayer: Games beginning mid-rewind do not leave things in a bad state or cause a crash
● Multiplayer: Adjusted damaged-based smoke in combat games
● Multiplayer: Physics difficulty defaults to Realistic after exiting a multiplayer game
● Multiplayer: push, lockposition and lockorientation console commands are enabled in MP but disabled in games
● Autopilot Assist is disabled in trainers (ex: takeoff trainer, airplane hover trainer)
● Chat gadget & console: Home/end/arrow keys function as expected, including when used in combination with the shift key to select text
● Minor fixes to German translation
● F-14 Tomcat (EP8): Standard color scheme is the default
● Heli-Max Axe CX Micro (EP6, HMP): Blades break off normally
● Tutor 600 Trainer: Initial azimuth for main blades is 0
● Soccer Field HD: Stadium lights glow at night
● Soccer Field HD: Soccer Ball and Soccer Ball Bag airport objects are scaled properly
● Soccer Field HD: Soccer Ball airport objects’ weight is appropriate
Original Source: Knife Edge Software

We certainly look forward to testing it out!