Monday, 24 October 2011

News: GoPro HD HERO2 released!

WOW! A new product from probably the coolest camera company in the world - GoPro! It's a second incarnation of their HD Hero! It sports an impressive array of new features, as well as some interesting improvements to the existing hardware! The highlights that impressed me so far are:
  • WiFi triggering and streaming
  • external microphone socket
  • 2x faster processor 
  • 11MP sensor (the Hero has a 5MP sensor)
  • sharper glass
  • adjustable field of view in most modes (170, 127, 90 degrees)
  • higher fps at lower recording modes (well, 120fps at wide VGA and 48 fps at 960p, nothing more)
  • improved low-light performance
You can read more about the new release over at the GoPro official product page and you can find a full comparison with the original HD Hero here.